How To Get Strong As A Beginner With StrongLifts

The Nitty Gritty Of StrongLifts 5×5

The first thing you need to know about Stronglifts is that it isn’t a particularly revolutionary concept as the 5×5 loading scheme has been used for decades.

But putting that aside, StrongLifts is indeed a great beginner workout program to take up if you’re thinking of not only putting on mass but also adding numbers to your lifetime personal records in the gym.

Ready to start StrongLifts? Great! Here’s what you need to know.

As a beginner program, the concept of StrongLifts revolves heavily on form and technique initially. This means your beginning load should be set at 50% of your 5-rep max for each lift. Don’t underestimate the lightweight in the beginning, as you’ll be constantly adding weight to the bar week by week.

As a matter of fact, after each workout, you’ll need to up the weight more with the minimum being 5 pounds/2.5 kgs each for every exercise other than the deadlift — for which you’ll add 10 pounds/5 kgs instead. It should also be noted that you should only add weight when you manage to clear all of your sets for the previous workout.

That’s literally all there is to StrongLifts!

The strength training program continues with this simple progressive-overload until you start failing your sets over and over again. If you do fail the first time, maintain the same weight for your next workout instead of increasing it.

Once you fail to achieve any of the 5×5 sets for three consecutive workouts, it’s time to deload! More particularly, you’ll need to decrease the weight by 10% for the following workout. For instance, if you’ve failed your squats at 100kg for three consecutive workouts, then your next workout you’ll drop the weight to 90kg to try again. 

The deload will only be employed for a single workout and not for the entire training week. The goal here is to dust yourself off and try again until you manage to clear the weight or plateau — in the case of the former, it’ll then be time to move on to an intermediate program instead.

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