Kidambi Walks Over Kento Momota in Hong Kong

What a lucky day for Kidambi as he conserves his energy going into the men’s singles second round of the Hong Kong Open.

Momota’s reason for pulling out has not been revealed, but perhaps has been caused by the nearly 90 minute long final against Chou Tien Chen last week in the China Open. The title last week was his 10th this year, and he was the favourite to win in this tournament as well.

Having won 12 out of 15 fights with Kidambi in his career, Momota stood a good chance of winning this as well.

Srikanth will be looking for a second wind in this tournament, trying to emulate his amazing 2017 form. He recently got knocked out of the top 10 of the BWF rankings, falling to 13th.


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